Cotto Imprunetino since eight generations

The Manetti family

Since 1780, at Ferrone, in the district of Impruneta, the Manetti family has been dedicated to the production of Cotto Imprunetino.
In the Manetti Gusmano & figli Furnaces, in fact, Terracotta flooring and cladding tiles as well as artisanal Terracotta elements are made following the traditions of Impruneta.
The experience acquired in three centuries of activity combined with the uniqueness of clay translates into a material with unique characteristics. Galestro clay, present in the quarries of the Fornace, represents an exclusive peculiarity of the Impruneta area and gives the Terracotte special characteristics in terms of colour, resistance, strength and porosity. The strong link with the territory and the great passion for quality are the main features of the activity. Since 1968 the Manetti family has also been known for the production of great wines in the Chianti region on the Fontodi estate.

The vision

Manetti Gusmano & Figli

For centuries the constitutive quality of clay belonging to the geologic formations around the city of Impruneta, located only about ten kilometres from Florence, is very well-known and appreciated. It has given rise to the renowned “Cotto Imprunetino” brand, a compact, solid, resistant, enduring, natural material with exceptional red shades. The creation of these products – such as amphorae, pots, rooftiles (coppi-tegole), decorative and artistic elements – was made possible, not only by the quality of raw materials, but also by the skill of artisans (who shaped, wisely, the different frames) along with the deep mastery of firing technique. In this century-old tradition you find the Manetti Gusmano & Figli company, active in Ferrone since eight generations, focused on producing “Cotto imprunetino” flooring tiles both in all the machine-made and handmade versions.
The production of cotto flooring tiles is complemented by vases, pots and artistic objects in Terrecotta, rigorously made by hand.
To enhance the company's competitiveness and the selection of cotto products, the Manetti Gusmano & Figli firm has opened itself, recently, to technologically advanced solutions in the use of the material, acquiring the Sannini brand and its know-how (made up by knowledge, and operative skills developed internationally in the last 20 years) in designing, producing and dry-mounting of “terracotta shells” in architecture, in a very contemporary language.
According to the new challenges, Manetti Gusmano & Figli company is interested in the Cotto architectonic applications market – national and international – in a traditional as well as innovative way, through contribution to research, planning, technical information, all developed in house.