Flash System

Flash System is the exclusive treatment (sealing) method for interior developed by Sannini, and now used by Manetti Gusmano & Figli. It entails a complete cycle of working, using avantgarde techniques and products studied to preserve the terracotta's natural qualities as a sign of respect to the environment and its ecosystem. All materials used for the treatment of Flash are non-toxic, and being water-based, do not contain solvents. Essential feature of Flashsystem is its in-depth protection which guarantees resistance to stains, damp rings and efflorescences, although the original transpiring nature of the material is maintained. As a consequence, this ready-to- use Cotto presents itself with the colour and aspect of terracotta treated traditionally on site with acids and waxing. Such operations become superfluous since Flash products do not alter when laid if the mounting instructions are followed correctly. With CottoFlash System, the floors take on a traditional aspect and tonality, attaining warm and transparent hues which only an expert hand would manage to achieve. The pre treated CottoFlash System is available in all types of finishings, both Machinery drawn and Handmade, and in different formats, for indoor use only.